icastats - Statistically analyse the structure of the  clus-
     ter index.


     icastats [  filename ]


     ICAstats takes a named ICAprint output file,  or  reads  one
     from stdin, and prints to the screen(stdout) various statis-
     tics about the cluster  organisation.   ICAstats  is  useful
     because it concisely summarises the structure present in the
     original sequence data file as recorded in the cluster index

     Some of the statistics are only relevant if the  index  file
     was  produced  from  a single fully normalized cDNA library.
     The prediction of the number of unfound sequences is  calcu-
     lated  using  a  Poisson  model. The prediction is best made
     from a cluster index produced by ICAass because only  ICAass
     clusters  sequences  on the basis of global similarity.  The
     best ASS threshold to use depends upon  the  context  but  I
     tend to use 50% most often.


     icaprint | icastats

     icastats clusters.January


     ICAass(1), N2tool(1), ICAtool(1), ICAprint(1), ICAmatches(1)


     No one has yet produced a fully normalized cDNA  library  so
     comparisons  of  the  predicted  number of unfound sequences
     with the total numbers of clusters found at various sampling
     levels would be interesting.