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Photographic Software



Image Directory Compression

Publishing photographs online, usually involves changing each photograph's size and quality. If you have more than a few photos, this become tedious so I wrote the JPEGDirCopy Java application to automate the process. It has both a command-line and a GUI interface.

Java AWT Picture Viewer Applet

To enable anyone to setup an easily maintained on-line photo album, I wrote the GetPictures Java applet to pull down photographs from an ordinary web server. The applet can be run as a slide show, using the space bar to step through full-size photographs, or it can be used to select individual photographs from an index page by clicking with a mouse pointer.

Java SDKs and JREs

The latest Java plug-in and JRE for your browser can be downloaded from sun and then installed according to the downloaded instructions. The web has millions of amazing Java applets so it is generally worth considering this download, but especially if your browser initially came without Java, or your Java Runtime Environment (JRE) has been superseded, or become noticeably buggy.