Singapore Mobile Phone Internet Access Via M1 SuperPac

Connecting to Internet via Singapore's M1 telephone SuperPac service is not complex or difficult but it can be confusing. Note that the little piece of paper that came with the SIM was more accurate than anything that I read online - even on the M1 website so you should read that first.

M1 has two different Pay As You Go (PAYG) services: one just GSM (just called M1) and another using 3G called "SuperPac". One needs to buy a new SIM and change number to switch between the two PAYG services - they are different. If you are in Singapore on M1 SuperPac already, you can send a text message to 109 with the model number of your phone followed by "MSP". For example: a Nokia 95 8GB owner would type an SMS with just "N95MSP".

The "MSP" means M1 Super Pac and you will get the wrong settings (for a different service) if you omit the MSP because it will all appear successful but you will actually receive the operator configuration messages for the other (wrong) service and it will not work. If you still want the option to use WiFi connections when available, be prepared to check through all your settings to make them ask for which service to use because by default, the Mi sent configuration messages will change everything to do with data connections to an automatic SuperPac connection.

Connection Name = Mi_World_sp 
MobileData bearer = GPRS
Access point name = miworldsp
User name = AS_65[then the rest of your number goes here without spaces or punctuation]
Prompt password = No
Password = user123
Authentication = Normal
Homepage =

Advanced settings
Network Type: IPV4
Phone IP address = Automatic
Primary name server(DNS) = Automatic
Name server =
Proxy serv. Address =
Proxy port number = 8081

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